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Mice are friendly little creatures and very curious and have been bred as pets for over a thousand years as they can be easily tamed with gentle handling.

Ideally, two or three female pet mice can be a good place to start as female mice like the companionship of other females as well as that of their human keeper. Male mice should be kept apart or they will likely fight – possibly to the death so they can be a less satisfactory choice as a first mouse.


Keep pet mice occupied with toys and exercise tunnels as these intelligent creatures get bored easily. The average life span for pet mice is usually around 1-2 years.

Mice Feeding

Ensure that sure your mouse has fresh, clean water available all the time as they dehydrate quickly.

Good quality hamster food is suitable for a mouse and as they eat more than you’d expect, make sure fresh pellets are always available for them. Their teeth need to be kept worn down so pieces of dog biscuit or dry catfood can help as a chew toy.

Despite popular belief, most mice dislike cheese and as a food, it isn’t particularly good for them.

Additional Information On Mouse Healthcare

Should you require any further information on looking after pet mice, please contact any of our team at Moycullen Vet Clinic and we will be happy to provide you with advice.

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