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Like Gerbils, Hamsters can make good pets if you are more of a night person. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures by nature so they will mostly sleep during the day and become active at night-time.

Being nocturnal, hamsters can appear grouchy if woken during the day and it is not unknown for hamsters to bite a finger if poked while sleeping.

Hamster Exercise

Exercise is important for hamsters and so the well-known hamster’s wheel, tubes or exercise ball are advisable to keep them active. Male hamsters can be aggressive so introduce a new house mate at a young age.

Hamsters have poor eyesight being both near-sighted and colour-blind. So hamsters depend on their sense of smell to locate food and to distinguish between the sexes.

Additional Information On Hamster Healthcare

Should you require any further information on looking after pet guinea pigs, please contact any of our team at Moycullen Vet Clinic and we will be happy to provide you with advice.

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