May-June 2013 Newsletter
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May-June 2013 Newsletter

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Fledgling time!

Spring and summer is the optimum time for bird breeding and it is around this time that we see nests full of fledglings. These little youngsters can quite commonly fall from nests or become separated from their parents.

It is human nature that if we see these creatures on their own that we want to pick them up and take care of them. HOWEVER, the official advice from the DSPCA and RSPB is that fledglings should be left where they are, as their parents are more than likely nearby.

Removal of a fledgling from the wild will cut its chances of long-term survival to a small fraction, and should only be done as a very last resort. However it would be a good idea to monitor the individual, regularly checking back on them to see if they have been claimed. If by 24 hours they haven’t been collected, then intervention is recommended.

If you find a bird in distress please contact either us or the Galway and Claddagh Swan rescue on 086-3826471.

Summer blood suckers

We are seeing a resurgence in tick infestations in recent weeks at both of our clinics.

Ticks are blood sucking parasites that attach to the skin of our pets, as well as other animals. They are generally found in areas of dense vegetation and attach to your cat or dog when they run through these areas. They latch onto the head, ears, legs and tummy of your pet with their mouthparts, feed on their blood and then fall off. When feeding they grow in size rapidly as they gorge themselves on blood, causing them to become the size of a large pea. At this stage they can often be mistaken for a lump or wart.

Ticks are problematic for our pets as well as us. Some will experience a reaction at the tick site, varying from the development of a small scab to a huge swelling the size of a walnut or more. Ticks can carry more serious diseases eg Lyme’s Disease. Because of this, tick removal/prevention is very important.

Ticks are removed from the skin using a special tick remover which clasps the organism near the mouthparts. They are then removed in a twisting action. This action allows for the removal of the mouth parts from deep in the skin. Failing to remove these mouthparts can lead to them setting up an infection in the skin which requires antibiotic treatment.

To avoid this scenario we advise extra vigilance over the summer months. Regular examination is needed to detect these critters, with immediate removal recommended. Long –term attachment is prevented with monthly application of an ectoparasiticide eg. Elimnall, Effipro, Frontline. These function when the tick attaches to your pet. They cause death of the organism on feeding and they subsequently drop off.

Please get in touch with either clinic if you would like to discuss this subject further.

Model citizens

Help your dog to be a model citizen by ensuring that they have a name tag on their collar, a microchip for permanent identification ( to become legislation in 2016) and not forgetting a dog licence available from the post office.

Special summer offer €30 to microchip your cat or dog.

Summer Offer

We are offering 4 Flea/Tick treatments for the price of 3 at the moment, as well as 4 Milbemax wormers for the price of 3.
Please call in to either clinic to avail of this great offer.

Pet of the month

Meet Fluffy!

Fluffy is a young female long haired cat that came to us for surgery for a fractured jaw. She had this wired with us and is coming on leaps and bounds. She will be getting the wire removed in a few weeks and we are expecting her to make a full recovery.

We are appealing to our great clientele now in order to find Fluffy her forever home. Please get in contact if you think you can help.

Walk for Greyhounds 2013

On June 6th the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland is holding the third annual Walk for Greyhounds in Merrion Square Park in Dublin.

Please consider attending if you have a soft spot for greyhounds and their plight, or if you are considering giving one a home.

Log on to for more information.

A wild patient..

This little fellow came to us as an attack victim last weekend. A dog in his locality decided he looked like a good meal and tried to bite and pick him up.

We gave him some anaesthetic gas which helped him unroll and allowed us to examine him. There was blood on his spines but it looked like this was the dog’s blood. He was uninjured and was released into the wild once was rested and recovered from the shock.

I think he may taught that dog a valuable lesson!

Spay Aware have launched a new campaign in the fight to neuter more of our canine and feline pets.

The benefits of neutering are multifaceted. Please log onto for more details.

Don’t forget, you can continue to contact us at:
Barna Veterinary Clinic: Tel 091 867008
Moycullen Veterinary Clinic: Tel 091 868572

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