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Pregnant Cat Healthcare

Duration Of Cat Pregnancy

A cats’ pregnancy lasts between 63-65 days. Pregnant cats have very different needs and problems to non-pregnant cat’s and so your cat’s nutritional needs change during pregnancy and milk production. To maintain a healthy mother cat and babies, it is important to feed correctly throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Cat Labour

Cat Labour can be distressing for both pet owner and pet unless you are aware of what is expected, what is not and when to seek veterinary assistance.

At Moycullen Vet Clinic, wee have a cat abour information leaflet which allows you to tell the difference between normal birth and problem births where you may need your vet’s. It is best to be prepared as problems during labour, unless promptly dealt with, can lead to the death of both mother AND kittens.

Please educate yourself as best you can on the subject if you have a pregnant cat. As ever, the team at Moycullen Vet Clinin are always available to help.

Problems Associated With Cat Lactation/Milk Production


An appropriate cat diet is vital during milk production as a mother will always feed her babies at the expense of her own health. This means that if she doesn’t get the nutrition she needs from her diet she will use her own body reserves instead – resulting in a very thin mother and fat kittens.


Mastitis is an infection in your cat’s mammary glands, or breasts, and is a common and painful problem for mother cats. Glands should be checked twice daily for signs of swelling, teat redness and hardness. Mastitis can cause illness in both mother and kittens.


Kittens should be fully weaned by 6 weeks of age. You can start weaning your new arrivals from 3½ weeks of age and sometimes, if medically necessary, even sooner.

Additional Information On Pregnant Cat Healthcare

Should you require any further information on pregnant healthcare for your cat, please contact any of our team at Moycullen Vet Clinic and we will be happy to provide you with advice.

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