About Moycullen Vet Clinic, Galway


At Moycullen Veterinary Clinic in Galway, you will find a small animal practice staffed by a team of pet lovers who will care for your dog, cat or small animal as if it were their own.

Our patients include every type of small pet variety and breed imaginable from Irish Wolfhounds to baby terrapins and from birds of paradise to all types of reptiles.

Some pets and just as many owners can be anxious ahead of a veterinary check-up but once you place your much-loved pet in our capable hands, you and your pet can rest assured of the highest quality pet care.

As well as more complicated appointments involving ultrasounds, analysis of bloods or surgical care, we are also delighted to welcome in pet owners just to say hello and have a pet treat. This helps to remove the stress or nerves from the pet for any future veterinary visits.

Our vet clinic team are also there to assist with other treatments which might not seem to be vital to your pet’s well-being but are an important preventative part of ensuring your pet lives a happy and healthy life. These treatments may include cleaning your pet’s dirty ears, the removal of small stones or objects from your pets stomach or just persuading your favourite feline to take her meds!

Full Staff Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway

Our Moycullen Vets

Leanne Evertsen MVB MRCVS

Leanne was exposed to “All Creatures Great and Small” from an early age. With a biology teacher mother and a forestry-based father, Leanne got an early informal education into the wonders of Nature.

When the time came, Leanne took this deep love of life and chose to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and entered the world of Veterinary Medicine which she studied in University College Dublin.

In 2008, having worked in various vet clinics in the UK and back at home, Leanne took the brave step of setting up her own practice in Barna which was followed in 2010 by Moycullen Veterinary Clinic.

Leanne has one dog, a MADRA rescue terrier called Minnie who seems to be permanently but happily under the spell of enigmatic black cat, Ernie.

Leanne Evertsen Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway
Joanne Perry Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway

Joanne Perry DVM

Joanne is a native of County Roscommon and has been with our Galway vet practice since 2012.

You can take the girl out of Roscommon but you can’t take Roscommon out of the girl…so her own pet dog just had to be called Rosco! Another MADRA rescue dog, Rosco might be missing one eye but he doesn’t let that limit his frisbee catching abilities – his retrieving abilities need to be worked on mind you!

Like all our veterinary staff, Joanne forms a strong bond with all our pet patients but if pressed, she might confess to having a special love for the older ones…

Michelle Curtin MVB

Since qualifying from UCD in 2007, Michelle has worked throughout Northern Ireland, England and Canada in private veterinary practices as well as emergency pet hospitals where she has gained a wealth of experience.

Following Michelle’s return to her native Galway, she joined us here in our Galway vet clinics in March 2014. The variety of a general small animal practice appeals greatly to Michelle while her specific interests involve dentistry and ultrasonography.

Currently pet-less, Michelle is looking to change that situation soon so pet suggestions welcome!

Michelle Curtin Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway

Our Moycullen Nurses

Darina Nolan RVN

Our original Galway girl, Darina has been with Barna Veterinary Clinic since our initial opening back in 2008.

Darina’s recent Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management from University College Dublin is of great assistance to the practice as she helps ensure that both our Moycullen Clinic, as well as our sister clinic in Barna, run smoothly for the benefit of both pets and vets!

It might be quicker to list what pets Darina doesn’t have! At last count, she includes 3 horses – Thomas, Ben and Lucky – as well as Frank the MADRA recue dog, 2 terrapins and lately an uber-pampered chihuahua called Nidge has been added to her megagerie!

Nidge has taken on the role of official “greeter” to all Barna Veterinary Clinic visitors so keep an eye out!

Darina Nolan Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway
Kathryn Molloy Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway

Kathryn Molloy RVN

Another original since 2008, Kathryn is affectionately known as “The Feeder” as no patient pet will ever go hungry while she’s in the vicinity! Unless a pet is fasting, Kathryn will be the one sneaking a tasty morsel to them to keep their spirits high while away from home.

Like a good restaurant, Kathryn’s reputation has spread amongst the animal kingdom which means she often has a welcome committee of “diners” waiting for her to return home from work each evening.

As you might imagine, Kathryn is responsible for her slightly tubby tabby Roxie, who makes it clear to the neighbourhood strays that she’s always first in line when it’s feeding time.

Aisling Niland RVN

Aisling is Moycullen Vet Clinic’s very own Supergirl as she easily manages her clinic management responsibilities as well as her day to day nursing duties.

Always on hand to organise a worming tablet or provide a friendly ear, Aisling is there for both patients and staff without fail.

Aisling is the proud owner of 2 cats, Norman and Cecil, who spend their days ganging up and tormenting poor Charlie the Staffy by treating him like their very own bouncy dog castle. And of course, night time is for waking the endlessly-patient Aisling for 5AM snacks!

Aisling Niland Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway
Eileen Burbidge Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway

Eileen Burbidge RVN

Eileen did her training as a Veterinary Nurse on the West Coast as well – only her time was in California!

Having moved back to Ireland in 1999 and settled in Galway with her family, Eileen later joined our great vet practice team in 2010. Eileen provides nurse cover here in Moycullen as well as in our Barna Vet Clinic and while Eileen will say she gets a look of disappointment from the faces of clients when they don’t see Aisling, Darina, Kathryn or Sarah, we all know that’s far from the case!

Eileen and Darina seem to be in competition for the most pets as Eileenn currently has 9 including 1 rabbit, 1 rat, Russell the elderly Daschund as well as some guinea pigs and terrapins.

Life might imitate art but Russell, with his long, narrow body shape, imitates the family barge where holidays are spent on the Shannon! No activities on the water are missed by his perfect perimeter patrolling.

At work, Eileen busies herself getting to know the individual personalities of all of her patients whilst ensuring their visit is as enjoyable as possible.

Sarah Coleman RVN

Another Galway girl, Sarah joined our veterinary clinic team in 2013. In addition to her Veterinary nurse qualifications, Sarah also holds a Psychology degree which serves her well when dealing with both pets and humans alike!

Sarah keeps 3 pet cats – Pebbles, who is 20 years young and is presently enjoying retirement living the life of luxury in a manner which befits her status.

Then there’s ( the Talented Mr. ) Ripley, whose talents include door opening as well as using any and all furniture in sight as a scratching post.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Lacey the baby of the group who was supposed to be a temporary foster addition but convinced Sarah to make her stay permanent.

Sarah also finds the time to keep a marine tank with fish, hermit crabs, starfish and corals.

Sarah Coleman Moycullen Vet Clinic Galway
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